SBS VALID Quick Facts

  1. Natural Language Information Access
    Powerful associative and contextual data access with free-form search/queries
  2. Contextual Dynamic Analytics
    No static & hard coded reports. Contextual dashboards, data sheets and aggregates
  3. Boost User Experience & Productivity
    Users instantly find what they are looking for without having to know how
  4. Instant Use & ROI
    Retains the semantics hidden in your database (dynamic & automatic ontology)
  5. No Middleware Development
    Bypass the risky step of difficult semantic middleware development
SBSVALID revolutionizes information access by offering a natural language type access to information.

SBSVALID bridges search and query - offering the best of both - combining the flexibility and ad-hoc nature of search with the precision and correctness of query and adds machine learning on top of it.

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"With Big Data, Context is a Big Issue"
by Alissa Lorentz on wired.com
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